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Money Management   System - Responsible Sports Wagering      Patience, Discipline and more Patience and more Discipline are the keys to winning in the world of Sports Gambling and Wagering.   There is no such thing as a Lock! NO SUCH THING! Been doing this since I was in College, when my buddy came up to me one   Saturday, prime time of NCAA College   Football season. My uncle has a   Lock! What a Lock? It's a play that win's every time!!    We were so gullible and stupid. We believed it! We put our weekly salary on the line, one game, $75 bucks!! Let it ride!!!  Well that game went down like a bag of   rocks! Oklahoma State, I think that was the team we bet on. I try to forget. Later that season I would be placing another wager on a so called Lock. Nebraska, Gil Turner I think was QB (maybe I'm getting names mixed?)   It was a bowl game. After they got their butts handed to them, I was on the phone asking my mom if I could borrow some money.   One of the hardest calls I ever made in my life. She was close to crying. So here I am, 38 years later, a lot wiser and believe it or not, I’ve managed to win in this world of sports gambling. Discipline, Patience, Gut, knowing how things look, how the lines will hypnotize you, how a player or team will mesmerize you, get you in a place that you can't be in! If you want to win that is.       

Ok, Let's get to our money management   system:    

1) You need a bankroll to work with (a sum of money you are willing to risk in gambling) We'll use $2,500 as the bankroll   

2) You need to know what the rating   system is for whom your following - We use a 1-10 unit rating system   

3) Understand that no matter who you follow, they will get hot and they will get cold!   

4) Do not, DO NOT, increase your wagers because you are down for the week. Stay the course!!    

5) Ok, here's where I make a difference for you. Why do gamblers lose, the inexperienced guys, they lose because when they are down they increase their wagers to catch up. When they are up, they just keep betting similar amounts. So, during the hot streaks of winning, you win 100 each game, say 5 times (for example), so you’re up $500. But during the bad streaks, you start to put more out there to catch up.. Double, Maybe Triple?? So, 5 loses costs you 1500!   Your down 1G over 10 games when you should be down only $50 bucks! What happened!!!! 

You weren’t Discipline! You weren't Patient!       

So back to money management:  $2,500 bankroll. 1-10 units. At no time will you ever wager more than 6% of your bankroll. So, on a $2,500 bankroll that max wager is $150 on any play. $2500 X 6% X 10 unit max wager = $150 1 unit play is $15, 2 unit $30 so on and so forth.    

After 3 months of wagering you look at your bankroll and recalculate. Hopefully your bankroll has increased and so can your wagers per the formula above. Discipline Patience, More Discipline, More Patience.      Questions - Reach out. I am your coach ... I want to teach you the ropes on this. I've learned a lot over the last 38 years.   Trust and Integrity